Our business model is founded on transparency, fairness, integrity, and accountability.

These values underpin every relationship we have and characterise our interactions with stakeholders, including the community, regulators, and our employees. We are committed to operations that are compliant with regulatory requirements and free from corruption. We pursue exemplary ethical standards across all facets of our business. We are proud to call ethical business practices a primary component of Fitzroy’s culture.

Our Board of Directors is proactive.

The overall Fitzroy group is managed by the Board of Directors comprising representation from each of the owners. Board meetings and briefings are held regularly with a proactive management of risks and opportunities. Specialist sub-committees comprising content experts report to the Board regularly.

We are robust in all facets of our operations.



Fitzroy has in place robust systems and controls to ensure compliance with corporate regulation around taxation, corporate governance, employment practices, and ethical practices.

Compliance is achieved through training, embedding controls and procedures in the commercial systems, segregation of duties, monitoring of performance and financial results against approved budgets, oversight and control of external commitments and payments.

System Control

Rigorous IT control systems protect the business operations from external threats as well as system or equipment failures. There are both external service providers and internal expertise which report through to an Executive sub-committee for IT.

Significant investments have been made in upgrading hardware and software to deliver new technologies and tools to the coal face as well as enhancing our remote operations capability.

We are proud to call ethical business practices a primary component of Fitzroy’s culture.